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Run-flat tyre insertion

  • MarcShields
    MarcShields on

    Thank you for a great magazine. I would like to comment on your article about run flat tyres. I am a retired mechanic and have had some experience with these tyres.

    Any tyre can be made into a run flat tyre by having inserts fitted into them; most tyre centres can do this. We fitted these to construction vehicles, front wheels only, as a safety precaution in case of a blowout when driving at speed.

    This saved the driver and the vehicle – but we would have been very upset if the driver had continued driving indefinitely on deflated tyres and turned up at the workshop with a tyre in the condition shown in your picture. The tyre and the rim would have to be scrapped.

    ADMIN on

    Caravan and Outdoor Life’s group publisher, Godfrey Castle, responds:

    You are right, there used to be steel bands that were clamped into the recessed area inside the wheel rim, which prevented the tyre from coming off the rim. For the safety-conscious person this would be a worthwhile investment to have fitted. Take a look online at Tyron Safety Bands for more info.

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