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Restoring a Raven from 1962

  • Andrew Paterson
    Andrew Paterson
    Andrew Paterson on

    My late dad, Bill Paterson, bought a Safari ‘Raven’ caravan new in 1962 for the princely sum of R1 162. It’s been in our family ever since, having taken us to many wonderful places before it was retired to become a storeroom.

    Okay, he had a few extras fitted, such as an awning for R80, a fire extinguisher for R3.10, and a towbar for R9!

    We have all the original receipts, licence papers… even the weighbridge certificate which shows a tare of 1 950kg.

    I’d like to haul it out into the sunshine again, to renovate it and perhaps use it for accommodation while living my dream job as a professional wildlife guide.

    I’d like to get back onto the road; think it’s worth restoring?

    ADMIN Kimberley
    ADMIN on

    Definitely! We have far too few examples of yesteryear’s caravans on our roads, and the very nature of its construction makes it a restorer’s dream. Start by removing the corner exterior aluminium rope extrusion and the aluminium exterior walls to get to the frame underneath; it’s easier than you think.

    Give us a progress report of how you are getting on. Lovely project!

    – Godfrey Castle

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