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Replace damper/shock absorber on towbar of explorer.

  • keith reid
    keith reid on

    I have a Jurgens Explorer and need to repace the damper on an explorer’s towbar. Under the towbar section there is an opening giving access to a bolt. The opening seems too small to fit the required socket to undo the bolt. Advise please.

    Fyko van der Molen
    Fyko van der Molen on

    HI Keith.

    I’m going to give you an unsatisfactory answer. Which is better than no answer at all – and the norm on this forum.

    I don’t have an Xplorer any more so I’m dredging the memory sump here. I changed my damper in the Xplorer several times. Successfully but not without cursing the idiot that designed the contraption to he’ll and back repeatedly.

    I recall pulling the towbar back with a ratchet strap and leaving the securing bolt less tight than I would have liked. It was easy to imagine this bolt working loose.

    In reality the new damper wore out even before the bolt had a chance to work loose.

    If you’re given to profanity this job is where it will all come out.


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