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I need a rear view camera

  • Henry Cooper
    Henry Cooper on

    Clive, I have a wired rear view camera on my Discovery connected to my Jurgen Exclusive and have had this unit for 5 years. You can get this done at Campworld in Port Elizabeth. Best Regards, Ray


    Clive Husband
    Clive Husband on

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it!

    I will follow-up with Campworld in PE.

    Kind regards



    Henry Cooper
    Henry Cooper on

    Hi Clive, there is a company Purple SA in Pretoria that supplied my camera/rear view mirror mounting monitor. You can buy from them and have a local auto electrician to install the unit.
    Would you like a contact email?
    Best Regards, Ray

    Henry Cooper
    Henry Cooper on

    Clive, check their website! Price is around R4,300.00. I fitted the cable on the caravan myself but had an auto electrician fixing the harness to the car. Best Regards, Ray

    Clive Husband
    Clive Husband on

    Thanks Ray – Happy Camper gave me a contact for Purple Line in PTA earlier and i will go this route.

    kind regards



    Geert De Jong
    Geert De Jong on

    Ek het n kleur 7duim monitor wat aan spueel clip en kamera gekoop vjr onder R550 via Banggood. Werk 100%

    Clive Husband
    Clive Husband on

    thanks for feedback!

    Owen Ball
    Owen Ball on

    Contact PURPLE in Pretoria for a very  professional service at your place of residence Cameras one on the back of the car and the other on the back of the caravan including many other interesting caravan accessories

    cheers Owen Ball

    Clive Husband
    Clive Husband on

    Thanks Owen my problem is I live in Jeffreys Bay and they only do installations in Gauteng.





    Rhett Niklaus
    Rhett Niklaus on

    Good morning.,

    hope you well and had a good weekend.

    Do you install cameras on a caravan as I am looking for someone to install properly.

    Many thanks Rhett

    Rodrigo Silva
    Rodrigo Silva on

    Hi I’m interested in this rear view camera. I drive a Ford Everest and tow a Sprite Splash. Do you sell and install the camera? Thank you.


    Jannie Louw
    Jannie Louw on

    Hi , I have a big screen wireless system which seems to work reasonably well when you don’t actually need it. Like in the Kruger😂😂. I have purchased some cable which only arrives in June and I’m hoping to connect my screen to my caravans camera ( converting my wireless setup to a wired setup.) Not sure if this is going to work. I will follow up on this question with instructions if it does. I will also advise how effective it is or whether it does not work at all. My system never cost me anything, so I’m going to give it a go. ( Bought from Wish, which took forever, so I claimed back because the delivery deadline wasn’t met) they refunded me which was very decent of them. About a month later I received my parcel at the post office. TFD screen and camera would have been about R1200 at the time. Quality of the screen is very good, not sure on the camera, it seems to steam up in humid conditions until it’s dried out. Could be my fault for opening it and trying to reseal it. However, I have ordered a replacement camera which should arrive more or less with the extension cables. Here is to hoping.


    Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams on
    1. Hi I know I’m late to this discussion. I see Expo Camper put a few pictures of a Bush Lapa with a reverse camera. Please help me with that exact product. The camera is the most neat that I gave seen. I don’t want to mount a camera that needs a bracket I’m looking for some thing neat and out of the way.

    Herman Jacobs
    Herman Jacobs on

    @expo camper – Do you still do installations?

    How do we get hold of you in Pretoria?

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