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I need a rear view camera

  • Clive Husband
    Clive Husband on

    Thanks for this info! I will make contact with Purple Line!

    should i choose to tackle this myself i will definitely document it – it might be of assistance to other campers!.

    HAppy Camper
    HAppy Camper on

    lol, maybe you’re right Expo camper.

    I am not too sure how magazines work.

    But i did see a couple of Forum posts from here ending up in the January issue of their magazine. which is the reason i decided why i to join!

    im holding thumbs to see my username in the next issue. hahahaha

    or if i could win the monthly Forum prize – that would be great too 😉


    The best is to enjoy the experience and share info. I am not really that much on this forum but seems that there is a bit more life here than when I joined 😉

    Mikeap on

    082 411 1406 he has combos ranging from R1000 to R1500. That’s screens and cameras

    Wilsur on


    I installed one with a nice 7″ screen (like the small DVD’s).  My 1st camera was the one I ordered with a 175° view (wide angle).  I found that on the open road by the time I can see the car it is very close to me and I did not like that.

    I then bought one from Communica that has a smaller viewing angle of only 62° viewing angle, this provide me with a better view behind the Exclusive.

    I now have the two cameras, the wide angle one is low down for reversing or in town and the other one is high up for the open road.  My monitor can take both cameras and it works wonderful.

    I originally ordered it from Top CCTV in Somerset West, No.2, Builder’s warehouse centre,

    Nobel Street, The interchange, Tel: 021 851 0353, 021 852 6680

    The one from Communica

    I originally went for the wireless option but found many interferences in towns, I then changed it to a wired system using normal RCA cables.

    Hope this will help ?

    Frans De Kock
    Frans De Kock on

    I had the same problem. I have now imported a Wifi connected camera and a mirror that clips over my existing mirror. The mirror also has a camera that serves as a dash-cam. Installation was very simple. I connected the camera to my caravan battery, Clipped the mirror over my existing mirror (I drive a Kia Sportage) and plugged the receiver/power supply into the lighter plug. I hid the wires and that was the installation.

    I tried it and it work very well. On the 9th I will be travelling from Pretoria to Scottburgh and will see if there are any interference. If it is OK I will submit the unit to ICASA for approval and if it is OK I will start to import the product for sale in South Africa


    Wilsur on

    Clive Husband

    You can contact Communica. I bought the narrow angle one from them <90°
    Ek het met “Nicole – van Top CCTV” gedeel en die 7″ groot skerm by hulle gekry.
    I have two, one 170° wide angle for town drive and the one at, 90° for the open road and the monitor can handle 2 monitors.


    Clive Husband
    Clive Husband on

    Thanks for the info Willem – I will definately contact them!



    Frans De Kock
    Frans De Kock on

    Hi Clive,

    Is die sisteem wat jy by Communica gekry het ‘n wifi stelsel of ‘n draad stelsel

    Wilsur on

    Ek het net ‘n kamera wat ‘n kleiner hoek het by hulle gekoop. Die kleiner hoek is om verder te kan sien as die wye hoek een.
    Ek het oorspronklik begin met die draad loose een maar dit werk nie lekker nie, nou gebruik ek die draad wat sonder storings werk.
    Ek het my oorspronklike kamera en skerm by Top CCTV bestel. Ek hou nie van die kamera met die strepe op nie en ek hou ook nie van die 7″ skerm wat aan jou tru-spieël vas klip nie, dit is vir my te klein.

    Barry Mollett
    Barry Mollett on

    You can get a Number Plate holder with incorporated camera (Reversing camera) for between R300 and R400 including shipping/ delivery on Bid or Buy from a local supplier within a few days. Easy to mount, camera can be adjusted up and down, gives safe area lines on display, distances appear realistic unlike fisheye lenses and you can use the hole for the number plate light wires (May have to enlarge a bit for RCA type plug,  use a grommet to seal hole and protect wires) so minimal damage to bodywork. The camera does have built in Led lights which are great at night when reversing a car but would be unpleasant for any one traveling behind you at night unless you devise something to cover the lights (Duct tape?)or put red  perspex in front of them (With hole for camera lens) which would make you nice and visible in foggy/misty conditions. As they are designed for intermittent use for reversing I am unsure if being on for long travel times could affect the reliability.  I have had one for about 6 months and it works great. You will still, however, have to source a suitable display screen and a method of mounting it where it won’t distract you or obscure your forward vision.

    I presently use a wireless camera through the rear window of the caravan which mounts on the curtain rail for travel and have a temporary  bracket which fits onto the dash over the speedo/revcounter nacelle for the flip up display. It can be removed and placed on the A frame whilst maneuvering the van manually so you can see what you are about to hit. I have another 12 volt socket in the front bin to power it. I have had problems with picture intermittently disappearing and am in the process of extending the camera to transmitter (I believe it uses WIFI for transmission not Bluetooth as I thought) cable to the front of the caravan. I bought a 5 mtr 3 wire AV cable (Male to male) R49.00 and a two female/female couplers R10.00  I  split the cable giving me 15 mtrs and joined 2 with the a coupler and another coupler at the transmitter end to change the gender to female.

    If that fails I will hard wire it to my reverse camera screen and use a switch for solo driving or towing to change cameras. Great idea (above) using the standard trailer plug for the hard wired video, the reason I initially went wireless so no extra cables between car and caravan. As I use the number 2 pin for the fridge and battery charge while traveling, I will put both tail light wires into no5 and use the no7 pin  for signal and will earth the shielding on the video cable on both sides of the coupler to minimise interference. I hope you are successful with your choice.

    PS Modern cars and caravans are hard work to route cables through neatly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Clive Husband
    Clive Husband on

    Thanks Barry Appreciate the feedback! will look at the Number plate option – also like the wireless option because of trying to hide the wiring but the loss of picture is a worry. Going to Seattle in August so will look at what they use as well.

    Kind regards Clive

    Rhysa Clein
    Rhysa Clein on

    I’ve just pass by and read some comments about your topic and i gain a lot of information too. Thanks 🙂 Newbie here 🙂

    CaravanSA on

    Hi Clive,

    A camera that gives a view of vehicles traveling behind your caravan is very useful. For your application, you may want a system that has the camera screen that attaches to the towing vehicles rearview mirror such as Klare Technologies 4×4 rear-view system. This is easily removable when not towing.

    It incorporates a dual-view rearview camera or picture within a picture and can accommodate a second camera, useful if wanting to monitor the caravan’s tires as well as to see following traffic.

    Clive Husband
    Clive Husband on

    Hi Corne,

    Thanks for the info I will definitely check it out!



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