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Quantum caravan

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    We are looking at getting a new caravan and want something different.  Saw a caravan called a Quantum being towed and was wondering if this is a home-made caravan? If not, are there agents, its important for us to have service nationally. Has this magazine done a test and report?

    We went to see those imported Swift’s at Loftus – beautiful and my wife’s first choice (I just pay)! These caravans make everything else seem old and tired. Also believe there is a new locally made caravan coming soon. Is that worth waiting to see? What a choice!

    Quintin Olivier
    Quiksilver on

    HI Sam,

    nothing featured in the magazine as yet, but i have dropped them a few emails asking for their opinions. i believe they’re working on it. they did launch a very cool app that lets you see inside the caravans though. you can see it here on their website:

    (the grand infinity is the better of the lot really)

    Quantum Grand Infinity caravan

    I do believe their is much change happening in the caravan industry, i believe a few dealers moved away from the traditional Jurgens brands and started stocking these caravans as well as other Echo and other suppliers too.

    i myself am holding out to see the new Destination magic.



    Francois Huysamen
    Francois Huysamen
    Francois Huysamen on

    Hi Sam,

    We have not featured Quantum in our publication… yet. Since the caravans are built to order it has not been possible to get one to review. You can however take a look at our 360-degree images for a “virtual tour” of the units, just click here.
    Quantum have a small factory in Gauteng where they currently build only a couple of units a month.
    Natal Caravans & Marine in Pinetown (KZN) are agents for these caravans. From what we hear, Quantum will be extending the factory shortly to cater for an increase in demand, and they will be available at more dealerships, including in the Western Cape.
    Yes, there is a good choice in what to buy and the range is growing! Watch Caravan & Outdoor Life / Kamp & Karavaan for news and details in future.

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