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    Joe RobbertseParticipant

    Within the next 18 months we intend to hit the road on a semi permanent basis for at least two years. I like to be prepared but find it difficult to extract useful information on the internet. The intention is to explore the country with a view of settling permanently in a place that appeals to us. I cannot find parks that really cater for pensioners to stay for two or three months at a time, not at reasonable rates anyway. R7000pm does not fit the bill. I have read that some folks have been nomads for several years. I don’t think I could do this. We are all getting older and this adventure has to happen sooner rather than later. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

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    george wetselaar
    george wetselaar on

    Hi cathy, sorry but i only saw your request now when i opened the monthly newsletter. after a little more research we decided to do the trip in one day without stopping, we did the trip on a sunday as figured the route would be a lot quieter, towns and roads. we left margate at 2 am on a sunday morning with the intention of passing through mthatha before the town wakes up which we did, we went through mthatha around 7.30 am that morning. the whole trip from margate to yellow sands took 9 hours, we did stop once for fuel at a garage approx 20 kms before mthatha , the garage is in front of the b and b were we had planned to stay over but chose not to. i can’t comment on the place as we did not go in for a look , however looking at the place online wilst it looked the part the communications both telephonically and online left a lot to be desired hence we chose to drive through in 1 day, tiring but a good day, we had a quite trouble free trip. we left yellows sands at the end of july this year and are now at green fountains caravan park at port alfred.

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    george wetselaar
    george wetselaar on

    hi dave lardner, are you guys still at the willows P E , we have booked in there on site 50 , will arrive on the 1st february next year for a 6 month stay,


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    Sharon De Klerk
    Sharon De Klerk on

    A wonderful treasure of information on this post .

    Thank you everyone.

    I am seriously looking into the possibility of a “Tiny House” The movement is gaining huge momentum in the USA and Australia / New Zealand . There are such beautiful, practical “Tiny Houses” now . The whole “house” built on a trailer..easy to move.

    I was wondering if there are any caravan parks in SA that would accommodate long term “Tiny House” space ???

    I look forward to hearing your views .



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    Cosmo Luciano
    Cosmo Luciano on

    Thank you info.

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    Anne Hillman
    Anne Hillman on

    Greetings Folks – we are two pensioners (recently retired) with one small dog (well-behaved, always on a leash).  We are looking for pensioner-friendly caravan parks along the KZN south coast and wild coast where we can spend between 2-4 months at a place (preferably on the beach/close to the sea/beach).  We would welcome any help/assistance/suggestions.  Kind regards, Ben & Anne – email:

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    Chris Venter
    Chris Venter on

    Hi Anne, this is what I use: (hope it works)

    Troeteldier Vriendelike Kampe – Google My Maps

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    Anonymous on


    Can anyone advise as to rates to expect for a long term camp site in the Durban area?Any reccomendations?



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