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Pensioners Parks

  • Joe Robbertse
    Joe Robbertse on

    Within the next 18 months we intend to hit the road on a semi permanent basis for at least two years. I like to be prepared but find it difficult to extract useful information on the internet. The intention is to explore the country with a view of settling permanently in a place that appeals to us. I cannot find parks that really cater for pensioners to stay for two or three months at a time, not at reasonable rates anyway. R7000pm does not fit the bill. I have read that some folks have been nomads for several years. I don’t think I could do this. We are all getting older and this adventure has to happen sooner rather than later. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

    davelardner on

    We have been caravaning for the past three years but have now settled permanently (or, at least, booked until 2025) at The Willows Resort just outside Port Elizabeth. Long-term pensioner’s pay just over R2, 000 per month and the rate stays the same throughout the year, including Christmas, Easter, etc. The facilities, security and ambience are marvelous. Come join us.

    Dave & Lauraine Lardner

    Editor on

    Hi Joe, there are many caravan park across South Africa that have long-stay pensioner rates for half what you are talking about!

    As a start, I suggest checking the Caravan & Outdoor Life magazine, we have two pages of resort specials every month, many of which are for pensioners.
    Sign up for our newsletter as well, as I share the specials every month on that as well.

    george wetselaar
    george wetselaar on

    hi Dave and lauraine  Lardner, we are moving up the coastline slowly and would like to keep the willows open as an option for a 6 month stay in the second half of next year, how far in advance does one have to book, could you tell us more about the park. we are currently at Richards bay until the end of July, we then going to Margate for the second half of this year, and then to yellow sands for the first half of next year.


    George and desiree

    davelardner on

    Hi George and Desiree,

    The fixed rate, throughout the year, is for permanents, but they should still have some vacancies for next December – campers usually book from year to year so you will need to book before December this year.

    There is a remote controlled entrance gate and the perimeter of the resort is electrified to a high standard. The entire resort is patrolled by security guards and we have not had a single incident since arriving more than two years ago.

    The seaside stands are spectacular but, as the stands are south-facing, the south-wester and south-easter can be a bit unpleasant at times. We are at the back, on a paved site, which is well protected from the harsh winds but we still have a clear seaview. The whales are just returning.

    The ablutions are very good and situated fairly close to the sites. The ablution blocks also have laundries (R20 per load) and good sculleries whilst there is a special Porta-Potty facility. All sites have taps with good water and 15-20 Amp electrical outlets which require standard 15 Amp plugs.

    The data signal is a strong 4G and pretty reliable and stable.

    Whilst the feeling is that you are in the country, the shops, restaurants, etc. are very accessible.

    The rock fishing is very good and there are two tidal pools, a convenience shop and bottle store, tennis courts and putt-putt. The extensive roads in the resort are tarred and ideal for cycling, jogging or just strolling.

    Our idea initially was to spend about 3 months at a camping site before moving on to the next place but, having seen how well run The Willows Resort is and all the good attractions in Port Elizabeth are, we decided to stay permanently and just leave the caravan on our site when we go to visit friends and family or, as often happens, they come with their families and stay in well-appointed rondavels or larger family units. The grandchildren love the facilities that includes a waterside, games room, etc.

    We hope to see you soon.

    Joe Robbertse
    Joe Robbertse on

    Thank you so much folks.

    Discovered some of my erstwhile caravan accessories and starting to get excited. Need to change my vehicle though so the excercise is a major one,

    Dave and Lauraine I am quite sure we will meet up at The Willows.



    Joe Robbertse

    trevor dobbins
    trevor dobbins on

    Hi George,

    We are camping in Hiberdeen over December and also plan to go down to Yellow Sands in January 2020.

    Which road are you follow?.

    is it safe to go through the Transkei.

    safe travelling


    trevor dobbins
    trevor dobbins on

    Hi Joe,

    Join the club!!

    We’ve got the same idea.

    Started in Richardsbay and it is a beautiful park.

    Moving to Umtentweni next.

    Keep us update on your tour.

    Love to hear from you.

    Safe travelling


    george wetselaar
    george wetselaar on

    hi Trevor  ,  we will be leaving margate on the 1st February next year for yellow sands , will be staying on the n2 via kokstad,  however we are going to brake the trip up over 2 days, will be leaving sat morning and will be staying overnight at a b and b approx 20kms this side of mthatha , will then pass through mthatha early Sunday morning for yellow sands. [ should miss the nonsense we hear sometimes happens there] are the roads safe, hey this is south Africa , we need to always be aware of our surroundings and never go anywhere your mind has not already been the day before.


    trevor dobbins
    trevor dobbins on

    Hi George,

    We hope to see there.

    We are planning to go down there in Feb. via Kokstad.

    Safe traveling

    Trevor and Lorraine


    trevor dobbins
    trevor dobbins on

    Hi Francois,

    I wonder if you have some advice for me.

    We stayed at Pienaarsdam, Middelburg Tvl in Aug,2019 and have to pay a deposit for th month.

    We let them know at 25 Aug. that we will be leaving 23 Sept.

    The dep. as discussed would take 7 days to pay back.

    It is now 3 weeks and I am still trying to get my dep. back.

    what can I do


    Brian Hibberd
    Brian Hibberd on

    Greetings Joe,
    You have most likely found Most of what you are looking for by now, but here is a tip anyway.
    Google “FLIP EN TILLA”. I am sure you will find there info very useful. I am sure they are the “Kilroy” of camping.

    Anonymous on

    Hi Mr Wesselaar. Please tell me more about the place where you spent overnight on your way through Kokstad to Yellow sands. You mention 20 KS before Tata? I have to travel on my own ( female pensioner and need safe place.

    Chris Jordan
    Chris Jordan on

    Hi. Do you have any caravan parks no,s, caravan parks names or email adr,s please. I am a pensioner living in caravan park long term. I cannot afford Dec rates plz. Help will be appreciated.

    Brian Hibberd
    Brian Hibberd on

    Greetings Chris,
    Try and Google “Flip en Tilla”, You will be surprised at the info you can get from their Web Site and its all from experience. They’ve been there.

    Good luck and go safe.

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