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OZTrail Fast Frame Cruiser 240 Tent

  • Gerd Kopanski
    Gerd Kopanski on

    Hi Everybody

    Has someone  any experience with the OZTrail Cruiser ? It appeals to me because of price, weight and “fast” set-up.

    Meintsma on

    Hi Gerd

    I have a Oztrail Fast Frame Tourer 240 – the same as a Cruiser, but the Cruiser designs make use of a simple and efficient cap fly design. The Tourer designs include a full length fly sheet and options for variable ventilation.

    I have used it quite a bit – just been on a 5 week tour through Namibia and Botswana and we really like it. With a mattress it basically only sleeps 2. Our friends have the 300 – slightly bigger – one can leave things on the side.

    I bought mine in Australia -got a few extras like ground sheet and one side wall for varandha. I have attached some notes i have


    You can put it up in a few minutes and easy to pack. As you say it is light and it is well designed.


    Gerd Kopanski
    Gerd Kopanski on

    Hi Meintsma

    Thanks for your feedback. I bought the Fast Frame Cruiser 300  5 days ago and I was lucky to have caught a “special” from TAKEALOT for R 2.995,-   Thanks also for the  exhaustive description from the manufacturer…this is something the companies in South Africa (either manufacturers or importers) have not learned yet, On the internet they usually offer a very short description  so that one is forced to go back to the original manufacturers web site.

    Thanks again

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