Overhauling a Sprite Tourer's interior LED lights

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    Francois Huysamen

    If you own a Tourer caravan, it’s quite possible that you did not know that the main interior LED lights operate from four AAA batteries, the same as those used in small torches and other small electronic devices.
    You may easily have thought that these lights were powered from the caravan’s on-board 12 V (or even 220 V) battery.
    You also may be annoyed by how dim the lights have become − or worse, because they have stopped working altogether!
    This article will help you to restore these lights to full power once again.

    To gain access to the two Triple-A battery compartments, the entire light fitting must be shifted lengthwise on the roof bracket to release the fitting from the metal base.

    Once this is done, use your fingernail to release the latch on the battery cover at the back of the light, and lift this up to reveal the batteries.

    If you are lucky, you will be doing this before the batteries are seriously flat and the metal terminals have become covered in blue/green crystals – a corrosive cancer for metal.

    If this tell-tale sign is not present, you can simply insert fresh batteries, clip the cover back, and slide the fitting back onto its steel chassis attached to the roof.

    But, if you have left it too long over the winter months, the chances are that battery acid may have leaked out and onto the terminals, which will prevent a good contact with fresh batteries. In this case, the light will not work and you will need to remove all signs of the corrosion.

    Again, if you are lucky, you may be able to clean the blue corrosion from the battery contact spring and/or the small positive contact point.

    If it’s simply not your day, you need to know that the black battery-holder cannot be removed from the light casing while the light moulding remains intact. You are going to have to split the light casing at the joint that runs around the perimeter of the fitting.

    Before you reach for your wallet and car keys, and head off to find a replacement light, know that there is a simple fix… even though prevention is easier than the cure.

    There is an oblong slot in the side of the light moulding opposite each bank of batteries. Insert the appropriately sized flat screwdriver into this slot and gently lever the sidewall outwards, until the light fitting separates into two halves.

    Once the light fitting has been split into its two parts, the black battery-holder lifts out and can be worked on much more easily.

    To speed things up, you can chip and scrape away at the blue corrosion crystals, and then wash the area clean with a solution of bicarbonate of soda. An ear bud dipped in a bicarb solution works well; but don’t stop agitating the blue corrosion until all signs of contamination are gone.

    When dry, spray a little Q20 over the contact points and reassemble.

    What type of Triple A battery is recommended? Rechargeable batteries produce only about 1.3 volts, compared to the non-rechargeable ones that produce 1.5 volts to make the LED’s burn brighter. It’s your choice.

    And, if you’d like to avoid this extra maintenance, change the batteries in your overhead lights before they go flat!

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    Arno Greeff
    Arno Greeff on

    Thank you Francois for this interesting post.

    By any chance would you or anybody have a wiring diagram for the SP.

    My water pump fuse keeps blowing every third day or so. New pump already.

    Kind Regards

    Arno Greeff

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