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    After the official launch of Okto Caravans at the end of June at Loftus Caravan City, the prototype of the Villa model was on display to the public for a weekend.
    The manufacturer received valuable feedback at the launch event as well as from the public, and have incorporated some of the changes into their design.
    The Okto team have informed Caravan & Outdoor Life that the following changes have been made:
    • A very slight change to the overall width of the caravan was made. This will allow easier access into some of the narrower single door garages
    • More modern cupboard and locker door colours
    • Easier opening mechanisms for the cupboard and locker doors
    • Stove further away from the caravan body
    • Wider pull-out kitchen with a sturdier slide system. This also allows for a larger wash-up basin to be fitted
    • Changes to the roof, allowing for a solid piece mould, weight saving and a one piece strip light along both sides of the roof
    • New improved roof lifting mechanism with colour coding to match the canvass roof surround
    • Slight changes to the colours of the exterior markings on the caravan

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