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Okto caravans coming to SA

  • Quiksilver
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    Thats great news that there is another on road caravan manufacturer in SA. i cant wait to see the physical end result and compare it to what else is on the market.

    Reading the comments i think the South African public have mixed emotions about Keith and his team spear heading this en-devour.

    Reading some of the comments on your site, i would like to address those few individuals that mentioned how Kieth killed the previous Jurgens CI and Gypsey brands. as i dont believe this to be true at all.

    if you can recall sometime ago, the Jurgens CI group was bough over by the kariukus brothers. before them, i Believe it was owned by Imperial. which saw a man named Bradley Salters who was responsible for safeguarding this caravan manufacturing empire.

    however, in my opinion i think the peak performance of the jurgens empire was when it was run by Keith Lang! their products were great and the jurgens CI / campworld service was excellent.

    i did meet Keith once at a caravan show in Gauteng. and i know how passionate he is about caravanning in SA.

    i am also extremely familiar with the Loftus brothers who regularly service my explorer almost every 2 years.

    i think their experience with the newly imported Swift caravans will come in handy as they perhaps try modify British standards to the South African culture.

    the Atlantic model is simply gorgeous!

    if anyone is to see this new Okto caravan before me, i would greatly appreciate you posting some pictures here for me to take a look.

    i am in the market for an upgrade after all.

    in my opinion, the Mobi lodge caravans are quite exquisite. but the waiting period is long and the price is just out of my reach for now. and at the lower end of the scale i have seen all the quantum caravan models. which are great value for money. though im not overly happy about one or two features.

    i have yet to see the destination Magic in person, though i often find myself glaring at the online pictures every now and then for its beauty and finishes!

    i wonder what how much these Okto caravans will cost. does anyone know?




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