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No more Jabulani elephant rides

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    The well-known Camp Jabulani outside Hoedspruit has decided to phase out elephant-back safaris, and by 1 April 2017, the elephant experience will no longer include elephant rides.

    According to a statement released by Mari Theunissen, Camp Jabulani’s marketing manager, the main reason for putting an end to the elephant rides was the mounting international pressure against elephant-back safari because of the abusive way some of these elephants are trained in the world.

    Theunissen is quick to point out that Jabulani did not train their animals; the elephants were rescued from Zimbabwe by Hoedspruit Endangered Wildlife Centre in 2002.

    Jabulani will honour all existing reservations but, effective immediately, elephant-back safaris will no longer be actively promoted or sold, and by 1 April 2017 they will no longer be available. Visitors will still be able to enjoy interaction with elephants.

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