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Newbie !!! Please advise….

  • denesh bulram
    denesh bulram on

    Good day everyone i guess the bug bit me too.  i currently have a lot of time on my hands and want to build a camper using a 1985 mercedes bus 613d from scratch.  i will be using different people to do the different work as per their reasonable quotes.  i have allocated about a year for completion and if the money permits.  the small insignificant work i will try to do myself, limited by parking space at my home and the obvious complaining neighbor.   i have attached picture of the rig, i am still in the process of getting my code 10 licence…

    1. what do you really think please just let me have it.

    2. is this a wise decision?

    3.  does it look like something i will regret.

    4. has any of you done something large as this.






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