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Newbie !!! Please advise….

  • Dolphin D
    denesh bulram
    denesh bulram on

    Good day everyone i guess the bug bit me too.  i currently have a lot of time on my hands and want to build a camper using a 1985 mercedes bus 613d from scratch.  i will be using different people to do the different work as per their reasonable quotes.  i have allocated about a year for completion and if the money permits.  the small insignificant work i will try to do myself, limited by parking space at my home and the obvious complaining neighbor.   i have attached picture of the rig, i am still in the process of getting my code 10 licence…

    1. what do you really think please just let me have it.

    2. is this a wise decision?

    3.  does it look like something i will regret.

    4. has any of you done something large as this.






    Johan Wessels
    Johan Wessels
    Johan Wessels on

    Cant see the picture you mention but the project sounds like it could be quite exciting.

    I have no idea what a 1985 Merc bus 613d looks like but it sounds big !

    If you do go ahead would love to see photos of the progress.


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