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New Caravans For South Africa

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    Hoefer Group (Pty) Ltd, the caravan manufacturer which was first introduced in Caravan & Outdoor Life, as released preliminary specifications of four caravans in the final stages of design and testing.

    The models – SuperLite™, Celebration™, Corsa Special™, and Grand Luxury™ – are set to turn the South African market on its head.

    Charles Hoefer, the founder and CEO of the company, says, ‘The designs are the best that we can possibly dream up – luxury with high quality and affordability. We took the approach we think a supercar-maker would take in building a caravan.’

    Charles is the son of Dave Hoefer, a pioneer in USA caravans and motorhomes. The Hoefer Group range promises to be stunning from inside to out. Designs are to be brilliantly finished, trimmed in anodised aluminium, and custom colourmatched right down to awnings and wheels. All models feature 2.2m impact-resistant windshields, and custom light panels.

    Charles says, ‘The body construction has been re-imaged like a supercar, so all that remains is a high performance, ultra-light, feature-rich and price-competitive product.

    ‘[Our research found] that current SA full-size hard-body caravans are too expensive for most first-time buyers, and too heavy for many under-35s to legally tow.’

    The SuperLite and Celebration models are constructed from high-performance sandwich panels, providing market-leading insulation and leak- and rot resistance. There is no wood or wood-based material in the entire range.

    The Corsa Special and Grand Luxury have platforms and body construction in common with the SuperLite and Celebration, but they come with wide, highperformance Continental run-flat tyres, and custom race wheels from an American Formula 1 supplier.

    Apart from run-flats as standard, the entire range has digital tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), as well as premium Alko AKS anti-sway couplers. AKS couplers restricts oscillations and helps to prevent a vehicle from jack-knifing.

    The Corsa Special and Grand Luxury will feature top-line 12-volt Dometic fridges, and Dometic outdoor kitchens with flushmounted gas stoves and stainless steel sinks. These models come standard with premium European Dometic awnings.

    The entire range will feature island double beds. The Grand Luxury also features a private bedroom configuration, with the living-room completely separate. Estimated Tares range from 465kg to 790kg, with payloads from 205kg to 365kg.

    Hoefer Group’s South African prices for the SuperLite and Celebration start from just R259 000 and R299 000, and the Corsa Special and Grand Luxury come loaded at R359 000 and R399 000.

    To celebrate Hoefer Group’s entry into the South African market, and to highlight new standards of luxury and safety, all retail customers who place an order and pay a refundable deposit between now and 30 June 2017 will receive a free upgrade: Alko ATC electronic stability control valued at R8 000. ATC is the most expensive caravan safety-upgrade on the European market.

    Visit for more information.

    Hans Holst
    Hans Holst on

    I was very excited about the Hoefer caravans, but a month after they first South African dealership should have opened, I have yet to find a single picture of this caravan anywhere on the internet… (Except for a piece of the chassis.) Even Caravan and outdoor life are quiet.
    Which brings me to: when is the next issue coming out? It’s the 29th, and it’s nowhere to be found – I am getting withdrawal symptoms..

    Editor on


    Firstly, the August edition was a bit delayed this month due to the release of the first edition our Afrikaans magazine, Kamp & Karavaan. But it should be in stores by now. I recommend subscribing, then the magazine is deliver to your door (even before being in stores!).

    In regards to Hoefer, I spoke to Charles a week or two ago. There have been various delays in the release of his caravans. Firstly, there was a hold-up with parts he needed to import from out of the country. Secondly, he had some demo models ready, but after input from some South African caravan sources, he has made changes to the design; together with this he is also using different (newer) building techniques, effectively putting the process back almost to square one.

    The next time we report on these vans will only be once we have seen them in action!

    Kathy Lulu
    Kathy Lulu on

    Great news! Very excited about the Hoefer caravans.

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