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New AARTO Regulations just a money-making move?

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    The Automobile Association of South Africa says it believes many of the proposed amendments to the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Regulations are simply a way to create of a mechanism to improve revenue collection.

    In a statement released recently, the AA says “many of the provisions contained in the draft Regulations infringe on motorists’ rights [and] make a mockery of the claim that AARTO is intended to improve road safety in South Africa].

    The AA is especially concerned about the ‘Infringement Penalty Levy’. This levy is charged in addition to the fine amount on every infringement notice issued.

    According to the Association, this levy could potentially extract “a billion Rand per ten million infringement notices issued, for functions already being performed by the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA)”.

    The Automobile Association will be submitting its concerns to the draft Regulations on Monday, 30 November, ahead of the 1 December deadline. And they are asking motorists to support their position by adding your name to the submission to strengthen the case that it infringes on motorists’ rights.

    For more information, the full statement and to sign your support, click HERE.

    What do you think about the proposed AARTO Regulations and the Association’s concerns? Leave your comments in the thread below.

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