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My Darlingmost Wificle’s Opinion

  • BankrotGeriatries
    BankrotGeriatries on

    Beds. That’s why we buy caravans.

    After watching endless YouTube videos for well over two years, to find out whether we can fulfil our retirement dream, we came to a conclusion. Men are only interested in a slide-out fridge and solar panels. And shade to sit under. As nobody seems interested in showing a B E D. It typically get glanced over as an afterthought.

    Do men care for the loves of their youth?

    Attended a 4×4 day. Badge+beer=2Bols. At 11pm, after a long day, the kids were hungry. The men didn’t even start to braai, no care in the world. So, womenfolk bundled a troop of empty smiles into a VW Kombi and went to town, to buy pizza. In the dark of night, they braved the deep sand river bed that had taken their Resident Vikings a whole day to conquer. The Bols so important.

    So, 13km either way, a busload of pizza, and the red Kombi casually trundled up the Broad Wadi. Even then, the meat wasn’t anywhere near a fire, over an hour later…….

    Fix SA before fixing caravan parks. The most neglected venue south of Alldays is the South African Family.

    The country, just like in the Boer War, is left to womenfolk to salvage.

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