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Mozambique with a Conqueror Commander?

  • Jacques Pieterse
    Jacques Pieterse on

    Hi.Traveling Mozambique in June with Conqueror commander. Our route is Mapai-Inhassoro-vilankulos-Inhambane-Xai-Xai-Ponta Du Ouro. Is it possible to do this with the commander?


    Saldanha on

    Hi Jacques,

    We are also planning a trip around that time.

    We live in Saldanha and plan to visit family in Durban before departing to Mozambique.

    Where is your staring point? I ask because I see Mapai is a long way inland and further North so I assume you will be travelling from the Transvaal and then down South to Ponta

    Fyko van der Molen
    Fyko van der Molen on

    Hi Jacques,

    If you’re going to Moz with a Conqueror product you need to be aware of a potential suspension problem with your trailer which could absolutely ruin your trip.

    I won’t be discussing the issue on open forum but you can contact me at:

    since this forum does not have a private messaging facility.

    Best regards


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