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Motorised Levelling Now for R6000!!!

  • Fyko van der Molen
    Fyko van der Molen on

    A sharp-eyed client alerted me to this from Takealot

    You can now do the basic motorising for R1000 per corner.

    Add R2000 and you have full remote control from your mobile phone. Incredible!

    And this is no mickeymouse wussy little wimp gadget that needs all sorts of assistance – these jacks have a combined lifting power of 8 tonnes.

    If I was an unemployed 20-year old I’d be saying; “Dad, finance me a bakkie, a cut-off machine and a 100Amp welder. I’m going to fit motorised levelling at owners houses at R10k a pop. I’ll do 10 vans a month and in 3 months I’ll be bringing in R40k per month”.

    I’d advertise the service on this very website.

    Surely no everybody with that kind of initiative has Packed for Perth?

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