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    I recently had a very bad experience and wanted to share this with planning a Motorhome holiday . I rented a vehicle form Helderberg Motorhomes. The mistake I made was not to insist on a full checklist on the condition of the vehicle and accepted the condition in good faith. I picked the vehicle up late afternoon from OR Thambo as we were planning to leave early the next morning.  Early morning we were on the road – first problem, only one light was working, Next it started to rain, wipers not working properly. That night the air conditioner was only working on fan (hot) with a serious noise  After 1000 km, the first tyre blew – this was not because of bad roads but wear (I have the photo for this) – I swopped for the spare & within 20 km this was flat as a previous puncture repair failed. I could not travel very short distances on gravel roads to camp sites or everything was covered in dust. Reporting this to the manager, I was met with total denial and very rude comments making me a liar etc etc. Needless to say, I will think twice to use a motorhome in South Africa again but never ever Helderberg.

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    Jan Ackermann
    Jan Ackermann on

    I also had a bad experience with a motor home which I rented in 2017 from Helderberg. Our problems started on day one when we had to ask them to replace a faulty starter motor. From there things went progressively down hill. When we phoned them to complain about the things that went wrong or was not working which we put down to mainly poor maintenance we were accused of abusing the motor home and traveling on gravel roads, The only gravel road that we traveled on was the short distance to reach The Baths in Citrusdal. Before we handed the motor home back we telephoned stating the day and time of our return and requested to see the owners but they (father, mother and son) were hiding in a meeting offsite and we had to be content to hand over the long list of the problems that we experience to their mechanic. We never had acknowledgement of our list or any apology. Needles to say I will also never hire from Helderberg ever again.

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    Anton Fourie
    Anton Fourie on

    I had a very similar experience with Helderberg. I won’t hire one of their motorhomes if it was the last place in South Africa. Rather pay a few Rand more and go to Maui or Bobo

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