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Mobi Lodge tackles the West Coast and Karoo

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    Mobi Lodge has finished shooting some awesome videos for their series on adventure, good food, and clever camping. For the first part of the shoot they went up and down the Atlantis dunes with the Mobi Lodge, to the surprise of onlookers who at first thought that some of the obstacles would be too much for a caravan. But the heavy duty suspension, low point of gravity and high ground clearance basically handled everything they could throw at it with surprising ease.

    On another trip, they went up and down the Swartberg Pass and got very impressive drone footage. They pitched camp in a remote ravine in the Karoo mountains in some robust terrain, with beautiful sunsets against the Swartberg mountain cliffs.

    The Mobi Lodge got 100% in the dust test, especially during the extensive time on very bad gravel roads in the Karoo.

    The caravan also spend some time in the bush with a Jeep Rubicon doing some river crossings and slopes, where a good departure angle showed its value.

    Leon Ras
    Sales & Marketing

    (To view the Mobi Lodge footage, go to their website, and click on videos)

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