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Loftus’ Special Service

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    Loftus Caravan City is offering a special new service to help clients change the Tare and GVM on their caravans.

    Woody Loftus, the dealership’s owner, says, ‘We have found that the public is unsure and confused about what has to be done. Those who tried, have found it a hassle, and were sent from pillar to post – calls to the authorities go unanswered, or are kept on hold for a very, very long time.

    ‘We just thought it would be good to offer a service that will make the process easier for the public.’

    At the moment, Loftus Caravan City is offering the service to people in the Johannesburg area who own a Jurgens product.

    Many caravans have a loading capacity, or axle rating, larger than that which is shown on their chassis plate/registration papers. This prevents the owner of such a vehicle from loading up to the Axle Rating legally.

    The process involved in changing this so that the owner can legally load up to the caravan’s Axle Rating, can often be confusing, time-consuming, frustrating and tedious.

    Loftus Caravan City will (for a small fee) make sure that clients have all the necessary documents, help with the weighbridge and MMC certificate, obtain the manufacturer’s letter, organise a new chassis plate, and will follow up the process with the licensing authorities and the eNaTIS department in Pretoria.

    Just remember that fitments such as movers, aircons, etc. do form part of the payload of the caravan. When the caravan is weighed, the fitments will also increase the Tare weight of the caravan, which may not increase by more than 20% from the original weight.

    For any enquiries, please contact Bianca at Loftus Caravan City on 011 792 1456, or e-mail her at

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