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Kennis’ joint venture with Motorhome-World

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    Kennis Caravans and Motorhomes in Gauteng have announced their official joint venture with Motorhome-World, presently South Africa’s leading manufacturer of motorhomes.

    In a joint press release, Allan Vos (Dealer Principle and Director of the Kennis Motors Group of Companies) reveals: ‘We are proud and also very excited about this new development, and although we will make a protracted start in July/August, we hope to merge into Motorhome-World’s production capacity as early as market and production conditions will allow.’

    Dennis Bouwers (Managing Member of Motorhome-World), adds: ‘All of us at Motorhome-World are very excited about the new development. We know the long history of Kennis in our industry and the wealth of knowledge that they bring to the table, and (of course) the high level of customer service.

    We are looking forward to seeing the first of many Discoverer motorhomes on the showroom floor at Kennis’ Roodepoort premises.

    We also strongly believe that the customer will get the biggest benefit of this partnership: excellent motorhomes, sold and serviced by excellent and dedicated people.ʼ

    Caravan & Outdoor Life also contacted Allan about why they had made the big move, and he told us: ‘Times change, as do market conditions and the demands of the mostly-retired adventure lovers desiring to pursue their life-long dream of cruising leisurely through our beautiful country in a new motorhome.

    A logical move for our dealership was to approach Motorhome-World to assist us in meeting as wide a range of discerning tastes as possible. The appeal of the Motorhome-World products fulfils this need.’

    We wish both Kennis Caravans and Motorhomes and Motorhome-World all the best with this new venture as we look into the future of caravanning and motorhoming in South Africa.

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