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Jurgens Penta corner steadies

  • Hannes King
    Hannes King on

    I have decided to post this project as it took me some time to get around this issue. We prefer camping in remote locations and road conditions are mostly an issue for a Jurgens Penta as this caravan was never designed for off road travel.

    I have lost and damaged various corner steadies and the feet attached to them mostly approaching rough terrain and “grafte” with caution, bottom line the Penta is just too low at the back and these steadies are taking a beating on most gravel roads.

    After our latest trip where 1 of Roadque’s steadies got bend on the Dinokeng main road I decided to make a plan;

    I opted for the AL-KO drop down steadies and some minor modification were needed to make use of these. The steadies are now located on the caravan chassis not being the lowest point and rear ground clearance improved by 60-90mm. My next project will be to create a “rock-slider” across to protect the rear lower plate

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