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Jurgens Ci has been SOLD!

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    South Africa’s oldest and largest caravan manufacturer, Jurgens Ci, has been sold!
    According to a statement by Bradley Salters, Managing Director of Jurgens, the sale agreement will become effective as of 1 February 2017.
    The company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Imperial Holdings Ltd, will now belong to a South African investor, headed up by Paul Kyriacou, a South African entrepreneur, who has interests in retail supermarkets, a caravan dealership, other manufacturing business and property.
    The sale includes all shares in the South African business, as well as Jurgens Australia and Prestige Safari Centre.
    In the statement, Bradley says: the sale is “an exciting development for Jurgens Ci, as a new investor will bring along new ideas”.
    Caravan & Outdoor Life wishes to congratulate the new owners on their acquisition, and hope the relationship we have had with Jurgens Ci for over 50 years will remain strong in the future. We are just as excited to see what comes next for South Africa’s biggest caravan manufacturer, and we will keep our readers – and the entire caravan, camping and outdoor industry – informed on any further developments and what’s to come.

    Jurgens was founded in 1952 by Geert ‘Oubaas’ Jurgens and his sons, Dirk and Rieks, who emigrated to South Africa from the Netherlands in 1950.
    The company currently produces over 1700 new caravans a year, have a dealer network in South Africa and Namibia, and exports units to Australia (where they also have a production facility), the Netherlands and New Zealand.
    The sale does not require Competition Commission Approval – the investor has acquired the shares in Jurgens Ci and accordingly the legal entity remains.

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