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Is Jurgens on the rebound? Look at the FACTS

  • Owen Ball
    Owen Ball on

    Hi Happy Camper,

    What if I may ask is your in depth interest in the Jurgens factory? I personally have had one or more of these caravans over the years with never a complaint uther that complaining to a dealer about poor service, ie changing a wheel bearing in the dirt of their backyard Comet Caravans, Echo 4 x 4 probably the worst service imaginable to me, and so you can go on and on.  Just tick all the boxes and then draw your conclusions, Jurgens will surely come out on top.  Componentry of Caravans and motor vehicles these days are all modular so the best chassis in town Al-CO that applies to most caravans carries their warranty.

    Just a comment from a happy camper starting with a 13ft Jurgens and today a Jurgens Elegance over a 50 year period.


    Erika Kotze
    Erika Kotze on

    Dankie ja ken vir Joe en Jeannie op Mosselbaai  goed!!

    Erika Kotze
    Erika Kotze on

    Dankie  williefbotha botha ja ken vir Joe en Jeannie op Mosselbaai  goed!! Hulle diens is uitstekend.

    Erika Kotze
    Erika Kotze on

    Thx Owen Ball, good to know!! williefbotha botha ek ken vir Johan en Jeanne Nel van Mosselbaai goed. Uitstekende diens. Net die “greywater” wat nou ‘n uitdaging is, ek kry ook nie te veel inligting daaroor nie.

    Riaan Louw
    Riaan Louw on

    Hi Erica.Het jy moontlik n cell no vir my van Joe in Mosselbaai.My Elegance moes ingaan vir herstelwerk,toe gebeur die lockdown en weet nie wanneer hulle weer oopmaak nie.

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