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Is Jurgens on the rebound? Look at the FACTS

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    HAppy CamperParticipant

    Hello fellow caravaners!

    I recently read an article online from one of the other forum websites regarding the state of Jurgens CI, and I am lead to believe they are bouncing back?

    Although I think it was a very beautifully written article, I also feel that perhaps the article creator may have been “paid” or “sponsored” to write what he did.

    The reason I say this is because the sums aren’t adding up – and this is the only favourable article written about Jurgens in the last 12 months.

    The short version is, basically, that all the magazines keep saying how much trouble Jurgens is in. Plus, I have also read over a few forums that things aren’t all sunshine and roses. So who am I to believe? Or who are “we” likely to believe?

    The article written on the other forum suggests that Jurgens is back on its feet after a bit of a wobble and that the factory is still making caravans, with new unveiled models coming soon. I’ll believe that when I see it.

    Despite my own personal view that this is complete hogwash, I am encouraging anyone else with EYEWITNESS or FIRSTHAND experience on the news about Jurgens to mention it here.

    Yes, investigative journalism is interesting, and we as nosey South Africans are keen to keep up with the chatter in our industry, because after all it’s news and we need to know what our caravans will be worth in 2 years!

    Personally I don’t believe everything I read on the internet these days. It’s so easy to make a post or topic about flying pigs or the DA winning the elections that it’s hard to differentiate FACT from FICTION. I mean… even when I receive and email saying I’ve won over R50 000 in the annual SARS lottery… I never believe it. Do you?

    Either way, I digress.

    The other forum’s owner went to the Jurgens factory, and saw some caravans. Which I am happy about – don’t get me wrong! But before I make up my mind on ever buying another NEW Jurgens product, I would first like to have answers on the following.

    1. Jurgens is, was or is in the process of provisional liquidation – you can read about that on this caravan website.

    2. Most, if not all the caravan dealers around the country have changed their names from Campworld to LeisureWorld. Why?

    3. Clive Cox (their senior product developer) left to work for Conqueror! Fact!

    4. Jurgens bought Sensation Caravans, and if you ask how long it will take to order one, you will probably never get an answer.

    5. Speaking of no answer… has anyone tried to call the factory? No-one EVER answers the phone!!! I even tried again before posting this and nothing! You can give it a try yourself if you like.

    6. Jurgens, I believe, owns Comet Caravans, Has anyone been to their physical dealership? I believe their doors are closed and ABSA has taken all their stock? Pay them a visit and see for yourself.

    7. I don’t see any magazines publishing anything from the factory. I’m more likely to trust the words of Godfrey Castle who has been in this industry for as long as I can remember.

    In fact, do yourself a favour and visit your nearest Campworld and see what their staff tell you if you wanted to order a caravan, or any replacement part for that matter.

    My last point to make is new caravans on the market. OKTO, SWIFT, STEALTH, etc… and in the January edition of Caravan & Outdoor Life I see there are more new caravans being released this year.

    I am of the opinion that all the other caravan manufacturers in South Africa MUST know something that we don’t!

    Don’t get me wrong. I would like nothing more than for Jurgens to make a thrilling comeback such as Rocky did when he screamed for Adria whist having his back to the ropes. All I’m saying is be very careful if you decide to start caravanning, invest R400 000 in a new caravan only to discover that the manufacturer won’t be around long enough to serve your warranty on the vehicle. That’s not what this industry is about.

    I’ve read the reviews on Hello Peter and I think there is about one favourable review in the last 2 years! All the others are bad. And that says something!!

    Yes, it would be a shame for Jurgens to close their doors, especially after all these years. Jurgens CI is as much of a household name as JIK or Dettol or Coca-Cola for that matter!

    The fact is, where there is smoke… there certainly is fire!

    I encourage anyone who knows anything of value regarding the state of affairs at Jurgens to post it below here. Whether it be good service, poor delivery or a new caravan purchase. I think “we” as the caravan community deserve to know the truth BEFORE seeing it on Carte Blanche!

    And hopefully after proper research based on communal facts and EYEWITNESS REPORTS the guys at Caravan & Outdoor Life can research it and publish it in their magazine.

    If you have any news on the factory or even Campworld for that matter, please don’t keep it to yourself.

    Thank you for reading MY opinion on the matter, and I look forward to reading your comments below.

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    Erika Kotze
    Erika Kotze on

    Dankie ja ken vir Joe en Jeannie op Mosselbaai  goed!!

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    Erika Kotze
    Erika Kotze on

    Dankie  williefbotha botha ja ken vir Joe en Jeannie op Mosselbaai  goed!! Hulle diens is uitstekend.

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    Erika Kotze
    Erika Kotze on

    Thx Owen Ball, good to know!! williefbotha botha ek ken vir Johan en Jeanne Nel van Mosselbaai goed. Uitstekende diens. Net die “greywater” wat nou ‘n uitdaging is, ek kry ook nie te veel inligting daaroor nie.

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    Riaan Louw
    Riaan Louw on

    Hi Erica.Het jy moontlik n cell no vir my van Joe in Mosselbaai.My Elegance moes ingaan vir herstelwerk,toe gebeur die lockdown en weet nie wanneer hulle weer oopmaak nie.

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