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Information regarding semi-perm Camps for retiree

  • Nigel Soden
    Nigel Soden on

    Having lost my wife in January (2021) I find myself boxed in memories that is creating unnecessary melancholia. I spent two weeks in Fish Hoek as an attempt to break that condition and loved every minute of it and came to the conclusion that I need to pursue a more permanent solution of which is to travel until eternity draws my card.

    I seek information either via internet ( not been successful so far ) or through referrals were I can find camps that cater for short term duration ( 2/6 months ). I have been a artist almost my whole life thou not as a profession, to paint as I travel through SA enjoying what’s left of my life.

    Finance is a factor as I have limited resources and will be traveling using a normal vehicle with a trailer equipped for camping in minimalist way.

    Simon Tasman
    Simon Tasman on

    As far as I know Imhoff Park in Kommetjie is the only resort in the Cape Town area that offers unlimited duration stays. All the others (Belleville excluded) are run by the municipality and not particularly user-friendly.

    Richards Bay offers a good monthly pensioner rate all year-round except during the December holiday time.

    Oasis in Uvongo also has a pretty good all-year pensioner rate. (Assuming Ed is still the owner)

    Nigel Soden
    Nigel Soden on

    Thank you for the prompt reply.

    Roy McEwen
    Roy McEwen on

    My wife and I often spend a month at Tugel Mouth caravan park. They accept long termers at very reasonable rates throughout the year except December. We met other long termers who were there for 6 months. Very good place to winter. Warm good weather. Close to the beach. Speak to Yolanda or James. 0828036339

    Blackie Swart
    Blackie Swart on

    Good day everyone ! I would like to know how is the security, hygiene and general information about Natures Rest just before East Londen, are te stands paved ? We would like to book for three months over December.

    Thank You. D Swarts

    Frederick Johnson
    Frederick Johnson on

    Hi..I have a long term Caravan standing budget of im a pensioner any suggestions what parks there are that offer long term pensioners rates in that price category.much appreciated..thank you

    Hobie on

    I so envy you guys in RSA that have these camp-sites with a decently low price per month for pensioners!! I live in Namibia and here we have nothing of that kind. You might get a discount if you plead and beg the camp-owners but nothing like a set price. I am looking forward to when the wife retires so we can take a long vacation around in RSA and stay a month at each place for a decent sum. All the best to Nigel for the future!!

    Roger Snell
    Roger Snell on

    Having visited recently the caravan parks from George to Riversdale(about ten) I found them mostly

    R2800.00 per month out of season for pensioners.So just planning your December till Mid January travel would sort that price out.The caravan park on a farm inland from Vleesbaai  should broker a good deal as there was only one caravan on site when I visited.( no shops in the area though)Glentana is the nicest and right next to the beach.

    Lao Juntasa
    Lao Juntasa on

    First, I am so, so, so sorry to hear about your lost man. I hope this brief info I just learned recently can help you. Travel trailers are the most prevalent form of two-day RV rental. Travel trailer 2 day RV rentals are comparable to Class C motorhome 2 day RV rentals in that they can accommodate up to 10 people. Travel trailer 2 day RV rentals typically cost between $100 and $180 per night.

    BankrotGeriatries on

    Uilenskraalmond, Franskraal, Pearly Beach. All just outside of Gansbaai. We lived for 3 months in Worcester’s park off De La Bat road, long ago.

    Fern Murray
    Fern Murray on

    Hi Nigel I have been reading various posts from retirees all over SA and Imhoff no longer is taking in permanents as I believe the Municipality want to close them down. I am also a retired lady living in Pietermaritzburg and I  think if you can contact caravan South Africa they will be your best bet to finding out the info you are needing. I’m on the look out to find a permanent base in Kzn in a Mobil park home near the sea, it’s not easy when you retire and lose your spouse. I’m sorry for your loss. Take care and I hope you find what you are looking for. Regards Fern Murray



    Rose Douglas
    Rose Douglas on

    Hi Nigel,

    You can follow a utube channel called Living tiny in south Africa.;


    He is a retiree living cheaply around the country.

    Good luck.

    Anonymous on


    Anonymous on

    That’s a great topic. When it comes to semi-permanent camps for retirees, it’s crucial to consider factors like location, amenities, and community atmosphere. Look for a place with a climate that suits your preferences, and check if they offer healthcare services or have nearby medical facilities. Additionally, assess the social aspect – some retirees prefer a more quiet and peaceful environment, while others thrive in a vibrant community setting. Personalized activities and access to nature are also essential. I recommend researching different options thoroughly and maybe even visiting a few to get a feel for the atmosphere. Best of luck in your search!

    Fern Murray
    Fern Murray on

    Hi Mike, I have been looking for a caravan /parkhome venue, but it’s really been a huge problem in that most of the parks don’t accept long term rentals. I was offered a 1 bedroom       park home at Margate to purchase. I rethought it as I know that Margate has a water and power problems although Margate caravan park has alot of Jo Jo tanks, I often wander why the various parks don’t have long term rentals for pensioners or retirees in a specific place in their park. We all get to a point where we enjoy a park and are tired of pulling around the caravan.


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