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Humble Beginings

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    Good day people.

    I’m writing to those of you, who are/were, like I was.  It was tough to change my mind about camping, to be satisfied with what I have and not to worry about what the “Jones’s” have more or their opinions of my situation.

    I don’t have much in the sense of camping equipment, but made a plan with what we have. With second hand 4 man and 2 man tents, a borrowed multi purpose trailer from a friend, reclaimed wooden crates for storage, an old second hand Jurgens gas stove, inflatable mattresses, gas bottles and camping chairs, etc. we went to camp at Koppisol over the Christmas period. One of four private ablution blocks helped a lot for my wife and daughter, as hygene is important to them. It was a nice holiday away for the first time as a family in 2018. Short but sweet.

    If the Father permits, from 2019 we will get out a little more often with our family of 6, budget permitting. Hopefully one day, we can afford a caravan, as that is my wife’s dream vacation in SA.

    First, the family and I will undergo financial rehabilitation. It’s a program I’ve come accross recently that is based on God’s money principles. It’s not a fastest solution, but it changes your life and the way we think about money, so it does last. God willing by 50, I will be financially free. If you have any suggestions for cheap camp sites, holidays or gear, I would appreciate it. If you want to know more about the financial rehabilitation program, you can contact me at any time. This program has changed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives already.

    Greetings and Blessings in Christ.

    Izak Joubert
    Izak Joubert
    Izak Joubert on

    Welcome to the forum and yes I think there are more people like you and me that started in that way.
    Me and my wife started with a 4 man tent and progressed to a 8 man tent then cameen the first caravan second hand Gypsy caravette 5 and we are now up to a Sprite Sprint caravan. We travel all over and that is lifetime me and my wife. We are in the 50 yes age and we enjoy every time we can go and visit the nature environment and listen to the game around the caravan.
    Enjoy and remember to just leave your foot prints and nothing else. Happy camping from 2009 to date.

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