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How the love for camping helped me through Lockdown. a Positive story

  • Richard Kearney
    Richard Kearney on

    Good day all. So when the president announced lockdown everyone’s life changed and for myself the next day at work was placed on 2 months forced leave. with all the strict Lockdown rules made and for a person like myself that cannot sit indoors for long it was extremely tough. Being trapped between 4 walls I needed to find something that kept my mind of the uncertainties and survive the time. Camping being all on my mind and visited and browsed everything camping related and an idea came about. How about building a website where Campers can place ads for free and resorts place last minute specials to share with all camping fanatics. Not knowing a thing about how to just that I started research and thought myself how to do the basics. Having created a one pager that looked like a Powerpoint presentation (very amateurish) I was on to something and how the love of camping and all camping in mind I kept going. Weeks went by quickly and my project caught on and now doing very well now. Platform up and running and can only say if it wasn’t for the frustration not to go out and Camp i could not have survived being LOCKED DOWN for so long. Who else had something positive coming from the lockdown saga? How did you survive not getting out and enjoy the outdoors?

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