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How do you choose a camping site?

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    Francois HuysamenMember

    We all know that caravanning and camping holidays are great – but if you pick the wrong site, your adventure can turn a little sour.
    Admit it, we’ve all chosen a not-so-ideal location sometime in our lives.
    Whether you are going to a resort with all the amenities from ablutions to game rooms and heated indoor swimming pools, to bush camps without electricity and barely a demarcated site, choosing the right spot can make or break a holiday.
    So, how does one choose the best site?

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    williefbotha botha
    williefbotha botha on

    Goeie naand . 1)naby die ablusie (2) plot moet redelik gelyk wees ( 3)Beskut van die wind.(4)Koelte bome (5)Redelike beweegruimte en parkeer plek vir motor.

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    Derek Tessendorf
    Derek Tessendorf on

    Good security, normally we go for parks that have been approved by the CCSA for starters, heated pool mini golf, restaurant and within a 100 km from home. Added bonus if the park is next to water- river, lake or dam. For longer stays the sea is our first choice. A park that’s known for good ablution blocks and maintains strict no noise control. Level stands and shade also an added bonus. A definite NO is gravel roads to the park entrance unless under 1 km.

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    dbx111 on

    I prefer good old word of mouth from trusted sources.

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    Anonymous on


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    Lindley Bowles
    Lindley Bowles on

    For us, it depends on the season and the prevailing weather conditions at that time, eg, in the winter we camp more in the mountains and in the summer we camp more towards the coast. Following on from that, if the weather is windy we go more for a sheltered spot, and if there is no wind then we go more for a spot with a view. If it is hot then we go more for a shady spot, and if it is mid winter or cold, then we go more for a sunny spot.

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    Roy Kallaway
    Roy Kallaway on

    Depending on my mood, I will normally chose the destination, it could be a camp in the bush, with virtually no  amenities, to a fancy one with every thing that opens and shuts. I am lucky to have both a caravan and a off road trailer with a rooftop tent so I have a very wide choice.

    But when it comes to the actual site in the camp, I am not brave enough to say a word, I leave that up s.w.a.m.b.o  (she who always must be obeyed )

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    Penelope Flack
    Penelope Flack on

    Well the “where to go” decision is usually made based on time we have, so for long weekends etc we stay within 1.5-2 hours drive from home. For longer breaks we would travel a bit further. We are spoilt in KZN so we have seea bush and Berg all within 2-4  hours towing. We tend to go inland in summer and coastal in winter .

    Choosing a park is done by reading online reviews, as well as word of mouth ( friends etc) . Once at the park we choose sites that are not too close to kiddies play area , reasonably close to ablutions but not right on top of them,  shelter from wind and sun,  afternoon shade, preferably grassed sites and finally outlook/ view. Many people prioritise the last one, and thank goodness we are all different or we’d all be fighting over the same sites, but our priority is shelter from the weather.  We are on the other side of pensionable age, so also choose sites that are easy to get our van in and out of without too much pushing and shoving  ( we don’t have a mover yet…).  Oh and it is always my choice :).

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    Matthew Patrick
    Matthew Patrick on

    Come to Marlothi Safari Park, Marloth Park, Mpumalanga. Close to Kruger, private ablutions and kitchenette in each site, lots of game wandering through and resident, spacious camp sites surrounded by bush, electrictical and water points, small camp with few sites and self-catering units. Google us and see our online reviews.

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    Geert De Jong
    Geert De Jong on

    Omdat ons nie n badkamer in die karavaan het nie, kyk ons uit vir plekke met skoon ablusie geriewe. Staanplekke verkies ons gras andersins plaveisel. Oor die algemeen hou ons van n oord wat mens kan sien moeite word gedoen om dit netjies te hou

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    hazel mark
    hazel mark on

    It’s really a pretty good idea no doubt.

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