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Home-made towball scale

  • SThomas
    SThomas on

    We have just returned from a 10-day trip with the caravan after using the towbar scale I purchased from Caravan and Outdoor Life.

    I must say it certainly helped balance the caravan very well; so much so that it was the smoothest travel we have had so far.

    I decided to make a frame from scrap pieces of metal, and used an old tow ball so that the caravan can be checked when loading it (in the garage) without having to hitch the caravan onto the car.

    Also, I have made an arm for an extension mirror. When looking through the magazines at the caravan test reports, I never see any extension mirrors fitted. Are there any that fit the new cars?

    I have a Land Cruiser 70 SW and used square aluminium tubing to make an arm that fits where the mirror bolts on. It works very well.

    For anyone interested, here’s how I made the extension:
    I got off-cuts of aluminium square tubing from the local aluminium glass dealer; I inserted two pieces of 12mm plastic round bar at both ends of the tube, to prevent the tube from crushing when bolting through.

    Then I drilled a 9mm hole on the wing mirror bracket that fits onto the cruiser.

    Aluminum and stainless steel do not like each other – the aluminum will start to dissolve over time – so I used plenty of bearing grease inside the bracket.

    Hope this is of interest, I am happy to have anybody contact me for more details or pictures.

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