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Gravel road caravans

  • Richard Paton
    Richard Paton on

    By definition a gravel road caravan is able to be taken on gravel roads.I get it. But what is the limitations of a gravel road caravan.Could I go to the TKP with one. What about other bush camps with mud sand or corrugated roads.

    Schalk Compaan
    Schalk Compaan on

    Hi Richard.

    I also thought so, and the results was not good. Irrespective of the Tyre pressures, speed you travel and being extra cautious, we had some mayor failures. I have since upgraded to a better version hence the manufacturers, but I believe only real offroad caravans will stand the rougher gravel roads.

    Then again you get some people that don’t experience microwaves and fridges falling out of their mounting place. Or fridge doors open while you drive. Doors fall off due to poor standards of hinges and locking mechanisms etc.

    Kind Regards


    Richard Paton
    Richard Paton on

    Thanks Schalk

    I thought so too

    Can’t understand why caravan manufacturers even make them.

    Atholl Hughes
    Atholl Hughes on

    I had a Jurgens Xplorer for a few years. It would have been marginally OK for dirt roads except that the previous owner had gotten some polooka ‘expert’ in Pretoria to cut all sorts of hatches in the walls.

    Of course these untechnical fools never thought how they were compromising the structure with their clever chopping, and the side walls collapsed at the first bumps encountered, after which the hatch they cut as ‘improvement’ wouldn’t open without the aid of a hydraulic jack.

    As long as I had the caravan i never stopped needing to reinforce and relieve loads with complex steel frames and thousands of wood screws.

    However bad the manufacturers may be they’re never as bad as the modification butchers. Stay away from them – they’re dangerously clueless.

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