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Goose neck/Swan neck tow bar and towing

  • Johan Venter
    Johan Venter
    Johan Venter on

    I had been out of the caravan camping and towing situation for almost 9 years. Prior to that I had been towing caravans for approximately 22 years. I used to tow with stabilisers and later with the trapezium on a traditional/conventional tow bar. I aim to get back into the caravaning fraternity now that the children completed(almost)their university studies. My tow vehicle will be a 2007 BMW X5 3.0D with a gooseneck tow bar. I have absolutely no knowledge or experience with the gooseneck. Do I just hook up and go or what is recommended? The caravan will be a Gypsey 4B 1991 model. Advice please.

    Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson on

    A friend tows an old Gypsey with a Discovery. He uses a Yellowblade with a gooseneck attachment and swears by it.

    Peter Strauber
    Peter Strauber
    Peter Strauber on

    I know you get an adaptor to fit a stabiliser to a gooseneck towbar, try the bigger caravan places.

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