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Give us modern caravans

  • DBBotha
    DBBotha on

    I enjoy reading your magazine and, although I am not a subscriber, I regularly buy an edition. Call me old-school, but I still prefer the printed version, of which I have at least one edition on my bedside table at any given time.

    New and modern designs for caravans have always interested me and I was therefore very eager to read the article about the new Jurgens range in your December edition. After much viewing, and rotating of the page to get a better angle, I can’t help saying that I am not blown away – and for two main reasons.

    The first is the old-type windows – why not use the cassette type, which is visually more pleasing? Secondly, the unsightly hatch openings on the sides, for the Porta Potti amongst others.

    I came across an image of a Paganini by Tabbert, and in my view, this is what an Exclusive should look like. Sleek, modern, and styled like nothing else − i.e. Exclusive.

    Thank you for a great magazine.

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