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Gas Alarm with no Buzzer?

  • Deon Jacobs
    Deon Jacobs
    Deon Jacobs on

    This is a pic I lifted off their website:

    I did a very similar thing on my windows. The windows are easier that the doors because you don’t get that thick rubber surround on the windows that you get around the door, you just screw that little box onto the window frame and stick the magnet to the window with mounting tape.

    If you want to leave windows open at night you can just disarm that circuit and leave the side tent and door circuit armed – nobody is going to get in through any window without waking you up, so you can gang all the windows onto a single circuit.

    Cari Bensol
    Cari Bensol
    Cari Bensol on

    Thanks for the link shared. Even though I’m not the one that asked for help. The link was helpful to me. I got all I needed to operate the remote there. I thought it’s going to be a bit difficult connecting the remote control with the phone but reading this made it look easier

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