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first female caravan manufacturer in the world

  • Quiksilver
    Quiksilver on

    hi Guys,

    Looking at the current caravan market place, im thinking of building my own caravan.

    heres a really cool concept from overseas. apparently its from the first female caravan manufacturer.

    i like the concept, and im particurarly focused on a lightweight caravan which uses less fuel over long distances. and ultimately more cost effective to produce.

    i think this little caravan could be refined ever so slightly.

    inside it has a shower bathroom. kitchen (which i would put on the exterior) and a sleeping area/entertainment area.

    what i envisage is a cross over between the xcamper ( ) and the Jurgens Gypsey light impi ( ) and the aloe Peri PEri ( ).

    ive added some pictures of the UK model, and their website is here:

    what do you guys think?

    i know the first unit is going to cost me, but would anyone else be interested in this sort of idea if i was able to get the design and configuration just right? at a price point of about 150 000? with awning included? im curious.


    Anonymous on

    Hi, we started to address this market about 11 years ago. We manufacture the Sherpa range of fibreglass caravans. See We have numerous models available as well as the offroad versions. Neville, Sherpa Leisure, 011 452 8188

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