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Electric brakes for trailer

  • Mervyn Low
    Mervyn Low on

    Hi all

    I am investigating adding electric brakes to a trailer. This would improve the braking (as proven in a Caravan & Outdoor Living magazine article a few years ago) and this would improve the safety of towing the trailer.

    I see in Australia that electric braking systems are common and Al-Ko Australia/NZ even have electric drum brakes listed on their website. I have had no response from Al-Ko South Africa who do not list that product on their website. Some years back I remember there were a few suppliers in the classifieds in Caravan & Outdoor Life magazine who advertised electric brakes. I have a quick look through my piles of old magazines without success.

    Does anyone in SA supply electric brakes ?

    colinwpa on

    Unfortunately, electric brakes are not “type approved” for use in SA, even though they seem to be a great idea, and are in common use in other parts of the world like Australia and USA. So you’re not likely to buy locally, but perhaps you could import the yourself. Be aware though that doing so might have implications with your insurer stemming from the supposed “roadworthyness” of your trailer fitted with non-approved kit. In other words, getting your trailer through roadworthy might be a problem. Sorry for this.

    george wetselaar
    george wetselaar on

    i fitted a vacume brake conversion to my bakkie and caravan , wingate in jhb supplied me the kit which i installed my self, the brake pressure that you want applied to the caravan / trailer is adjustable from inside the cab. the whole system works really well.

    Allan Keyzer
    Allan Keyzer on

    Hi All,

    We are a caravan and trailer manufacturer with an in depth knowledge of electric brakes in the South African content.

    All brakes fitted to trailers and caravans are subject to ECE R13 rules and in the case of electric brakes they further have to comply to Annexure 14 as well.  The main difference between the EU standard which is applicable in South Africa and the American or Australian systems is:

    1. The controller must be mounted on the trailer. No user input from the tow vehicle is allowed.

    2. The braking system must automatically adjust to the weight of the trailer.

    3. There must be a breakaway system with an independent battery source so should the trailer be disconnected from the tow vehicle that the trailer will be automatically braked.

    4. The power must be supplied from the towing vehicle through a separate plug than from the standard 7 pin plug to operate the system.

    5. Electric brakes are only allowed for O1 and O2 trailers with a maximum Gross Vehicle Mass of up to 3500 kg.

    We have developed an electric braking system to EU standards and are awaiting certification which has been delayed as a result of Covid 19.

    Once out product is ready for sale we will communicate through magazines and forums.

    Allan Keyzer

    Aloe Caravans





    Mervyn Low
    Mervyn Low on

    Thanks everyone for the information.

    All the best to you Allan on your endeavors with this. Keep us posted !

    Raymond Sachse
    Raymond Sachse on

    Hi All

    We currently supply a cost effective Electric over Hydraulic (EOH) Service brake system to the trailer industry.

    This will however require hydraulic brakes or an upgrade to hydraulic brakes.

    More info:


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