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Don’t knock the Kruger

  • RobinJoffe
    RobinJoffe on

    I read the Alex Stuart article with a total sense of wonder and awe (Caravan & Outdoor Life, Issue 661, April 2017).

    I could not believe that a camper and wildlife-lover would put pen to paper and come up with this.

    I have been going to Kruger for 62 years, at least once almost every year, and lately, as time and finances improved, up to 4 times a year on occasion. I was there when the camps had no electricity, and there was communal paraffin fridge and storm lanterns for light at night. I was there when there were no en-suite facilities at all, and all the roads were dirt roads.

    Campers usually had ex-military issue tents and there were no caravans. Everyone used the communal ablutions as there was nothing else.

    I saw the Kruger Park gradually improve beyond belief, and I have also seen the gradual decline of all the facilities in recent years. Never has it been at a level where it was the “enduring memory”, and I do my griping in the correct place with the particular camp’s management where required.

    Alex should also look at the situation holistically and not in isolation. Do you demand a 5-star experience? Wonderful! Then be prepared to pay 5-star prices as well!

    Ask yourself what you have done to improve the situation. Did you leave the shower or bathroom or basin clean and tidy behind you when you left the facility? Most of us do this automatically at home. Why should it be different in the Park? Did you talk to management, point out problems and insist that they be pro-active? Did you offer to help? Most campers are handymen by nature, and fixing a leaking tap or toilet, or replacing broken tiles and doing general maintenance is easy. This is not true of a lot of the folks in the Park who could and should do this work, but need leadership and training. They mostly come from very different backgrounds, and you would not want to be in their shoes. You can make a difference without much effort.

    My many enduring memories of the park are what a wonderful experience it has always been, and the amazing things that I have seen; and that, when you camp, the value for money is unbeatable even with one or two minor irritations here and there. Between trips, I cannot wait for the next one.

    With the active and uncritical support from the public we can make a difference.
    Robin Joffe

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