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DIY Light Weight Camping Trailer Build

  • Gerard de Jager
    Gerard de Jager on

    Hi Guys,

    I decided to build my own Camping Trailer, having owned a XT140 before, sold it in 2020 after my wife got pregnant and said “we can’t go camping now anymore…”

    I bought a Trailer tent from Tents Direct, and I then decided to rather just build it to my spec.

    Requirements are easy:

    Must be light (unbraked trailer)
    Must fit my trailer tent
    have accessible storage which my wife can easy get to

    I used my skills in Solid works to design the structure, I haven’t finished all of it off as yet, cause things might change as I build, but I can get exact weight and CG of the trailer as I design, making it easy to keep it in spec.

    Currently the trailer fully build to spec will weigh 268kg, this is with bigger wheels and tires that I have already bought. I don’t have photos, but I have made a video for my YT channel on it.

    I know there is a lot of clever guys on here, and I would appreciate tips and tricks from you all.

    Link to the vid :

    Gerard de Jager
    Gerard de Jager on

    So here is the next video, its been a few months, but making progress atleast

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