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Didima going down the drain?

  • Mike Tilston
    Mike Tilston on

    Is Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife falling apart, or is it that they just don’t care?

    Didima Campsite (Cathedral Peak, Drakensburg) had become one of our favourite sites, until we experienced a disturbing deterioration in the condition of the facilities.

    One wonders if Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife is serious about the country’s tourism image, which our government stresses is important in attracting much-needed local and foreign visitors.

    I’ve sent email correspondence to Customer Care on three occasions, with absolutely no response from them. I have also completed a customer feedback questionnaire on their website.

    A brief history of this campsite: It was built in about 2007, and shortly afterwards was taken over by the local community; they ran it until they handed it back to KZN Wildlife around the end of 2015.

    While it was run by the local community, we assisted by doing running repairs every time we visited the campsite. We fi tted shower heads, repaired water leaks on the fire hose reels, etc.

    We were hopeful that when KZN Wildlife took over running the campsite from the local community, things would improve.

    Sadly, this was not the case; it has become worse.

    Problems we experienced were:

    [li]Shower walls and floors were dirty (algae and soap residue)[/li]
    [li]The tile grouting was covered in algae growth (a scrubbing-brush and “Jik” could sort this out)[/li]
    [li]Some shower drains were blocked[/li]
    [li]Door locks were inoperative or broken[/li]
    [li]Water-heating gas geysers were partly dismantled (covers removed − possible fire risk)[/li]
    [li]Some urinals were leaking and had buckets placed under them (not hygienic)[/li]
    [li]Floor tiles were broken and missing[/li]
    [li]Many of the fi xed braai facilities were missing or damaged[/li]
    [li]Water standpipes walls were broken[/li]
    [li]No dustbins were provided (we had to ask security for one)[/li]
    [li]Street lights (daylight controls) were in need of replacement (they were tied up with string and not working)[/li]
    [li]Roadside verges were full of weeds, and culverts were partly blocked by leaves.[/li]
    I’ve attached a number of photos to illustrate the problems.


    The ‘best’ of all is that the soap dispensers didn’t have soap in them; it was apparently more important to supply condoms in the ablutions.

    We are tough campers who don’t mind roughing it in the outdoors, but this deterioration in what was an excellent facility is very worrying.

    Kind Regards
    Mike and Margaret Tilston

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