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Desert Thunder

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    My husband and I are great campers, and very keen readers of Caravan and Outdoor Life Magazine.

    After leaving St Nowhere in Namibia Skeleton Coast Park, we took an amazing picture of an approaching thunderstorm that we would like to share with you and all the other enthusiastic readers of your magazine.

    We have made many trips to Namibia through the years, with our whole family camping. This was our first trip with our new mobile home. We decided to go up to Swakopmund, then to Henties Bay and the Skeleton Coast National Park.

    We knew we would not be allowed into the Park because of our dog, which comes with us wherever we go, so we decided to stay outside the Park at a place called St Nowhere. And boy, was it NO where!

    We were fortunate that the place was virtually empty, so we had the peace and quiet we were looking for. After breakfast, we unhooked our “Susie” and got the fishing gear ready in anticipation of catching a galjoen for supper. My favourite fish!

    For ten days, we drove up and down the beach looking for the ideal fishing spot, but to no avail. The cold, windy and misty conditions of the sea made the water very brown and dirty and no good for catching any fish. Thank goodness for the Woolworths frozen fish vacuum-packed in our deep freezer.

    In the evening, we enjoyed a glass of wine with our fish, pressed one button and watched DStv to catch up with the real world.

    We experienced a few electric thunder storms on our way home. One thunderstorm was so intense that the lightning blew the fuse on our satellite antenna. The storm in our photo was one of those beautiful moments when we were able to enjoy the full might of a Namibian thunderstorm, and the beautiful smell that saturates the air as Mother Earth drinks in the huge lifegiving drops of rain, while we sat in awe.

    We never tire of visiting Namibia; there’s always something new to experience.

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