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Corner steady foot-piece

  • VernonKloke
    VernonKloke on

    After trying all kinds of blocks, from bricks to wooden planks and paving blocks, I looked around to see what better solution I could find that would not require occasional readjustment on the corner steadies to keep the caravan firm and level on site.

    My caravan is heavy, about 1 600kg, so to keep it level and steady – especially at the coast – is nothing but a hassle.

    While browsing around Adendorff Machinery, I came across a high-lift jack used by the 4×4 guys, and decided to purchase just the foot pieces at R295 each. I then cut four blocks of wood to fit into where the foot piece of the high lift jack is.

    This works well, and once the caravan is levelled, it stays stable. I don’t have to keep adjusting the corner steadies every couple of days, as the weight pushes the bricks or wood deeper into the soft sand.

    Vernon Kloke

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