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Chuffed with the cuff

  • Erryn Zeiler
    Erryn Zeiler on

    Your reply to Dave Pineo’s letter entitled “Movers on a Sherpa” in the September 2017 issue (page 58) was of particular interest to me, and I am sure to many others as well.

    When I purchased my Jurgens Xplorer, I was really uncomfortable towing it with only a breakaway cable as, up to that point, all my towing experience had been with a safety chain, which made a lot of sense.

    The breakaway cable was something I first encountered when hooking up my new Xplorer for the first time. I disliked it immediately − and my feelings have not changed.

    I spoke to the dealer and received reassurances; however, I also did my own research on the topic. Each time I towed the van, I felt uncomfortable about the breakaway cable being attached − for the reasons you mention. I was on the verge of having an after-market safety chain fitted, but had concerns about voiding the van’s warranty.

    By chance, I came across an advert in one of your back issues for a product called a Trailer Cuff that provided the answer to my dilemma, especially as they have a unit which caters for the 4×4 market and seemed perfect for my needs.

    The Trailer Cuff fulfils the function of a safety CHUFFED WITH ‘CUFF’ chain and more, but as the van already has a breakaway cable, I use it for the added peace of mind. In the extremely unlikely event of a failure of the tow ball, or its fixing bolts, the breakaway cable will then activate as a last resort, as it is attached to the tow-bar frame and not over the tow ball.

    Since purchasing the Trailer Cuff, I have towed the van a number of times on all types of terrain, and must say that peace of mind has returned to my towing experience now that the breakaway cable has been relegated to a back-up device.

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