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Chicken with BBQ & lemon marinade

  • Francois Huysamen
    Francois Huysamen
    Francois Huysamen on

    Chicken with BBQ & lemon marinade

    [li]4 chicken breasts[/li]
    [li]4 chicken thighs[/li]

    [li]4 riblets[/li]
    [li]2 lemons[/li]
    [li]1 red onion (finely chopped)[/li]
    [li]1 green pepper[/li]
    [li]1 red pepper[/li]
    [li]2 cloves garlic, crushed[/li]
    [li]Green pepper corns[/li]
    [li]3 tbsp Mayonaise[/li]
    [li]150ml white wine[/li]
    [li]Salt and pepper to taste[/li]
    [li]Olive oil[/li]
    This marinade also gives you a tasty starter!
    [li]Heat up your cast iron griddle pan and add a good splash of olive oil. Fry the riblets, keeping the fat side on the heat more often than the sides. Use a brush to coat meat with olive oil when turned.[/li]
    [li]Remove riblets, and enjoy. Pour the olive oil from the pan into a bowl – the oil should be mixed and flavoured with delicious riblet fat.[/li]
    [li]Add the finely chopped green and red pepper, garlic, mayo, white wine, salt pepper and crushed green pepper corns, and mix all together.[/li]
    [li]Pour over the chicken pieces and let marinade for at least an hour (overnight in fridge is best).[/li]
    [li]Braai chicken over medium to high coals, dabbing any leftover marinade on meat after turning.[/li]

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