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Changes at Loftus Caravan City

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    Striving to improve their service to their customers, Loftus Caravan City has made the following appointments (from left to right):

    [li]Dewald Pretorius – Trailer and Off-road Trailer Sales Consultant. Dewald is a keen off-road enthusiast, who himself owns a Jurgens Safari XT160 trailer.

    He brings with him a wealth of technical knowledge. Dewald spent many years as a sales consultant with Kia Motors and understands the importance of customer service.[/li]

    [li]Bryan Lawrence – Caravan Sales Consultant. Brian spent the past two-and a- half years on the technical side of the business, overseeing the workshop/pre delivery services and fitments to caravans. Brian’s technical knowledge and customer orientated manner makes him a valuable part of the team.[/li]

    [li]Toy Carelsen – Caravan Sales Consultant. Toy has been with Loftus Caravan City for the past four years and has been in charge of their Campworld shop, as well as the trailer division. Toy’s broad knowledge of the caravan industry makes him well suited to assist clients with caravan enquiries.[/li]

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