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Change of Wheels

    ADMIN on

    My Sprite Stata D 1998 caravan has 165/80R13 wheels and is rather low, and I am concerned that normal car tyres are not as strong as commercial tyres!

    I’m exploring the possibility of changing these to 14”. The rims will be 4 100 PCD with 175/80R14 (bakkie/commercial) tyres.

    I would like to know if this can be done, and whether the wheel arches will be big enough to handle the new size.

    If that is a problem, another option would be to lift the caravan higher at the axle, but then I would not be able to use commercial tyres.

    Incidentally, I tried to contact Sprite manufactures at Ga Rankuwa, who indicated that I needed to make use of a dealer; but the dealer referred me back to them!

    – M. Bekker

    Editor on

    Here’s what our caravan expert, Godfrey Castle, has to say:

    We contacted a few dealers but none have tried fitting bigger wheels – and neither have I! If any readers can comment, we’d like to hear from you.
    But, you may be in luck. As far as I am aware, your caravan has the older style of chassis in which the chassis sits on top of the axle rather than in the centre of the chassis – so, if need be, you could fit a spacer between the chassis and the axle to lift the caravan, hopefully enough to accommodate a taller wheel and tyre.
    PCD stands for Pitch Circle Diameter. Naturally, you have to stick to the same PCD as the brake drum; but the place where you might have to have your eyes wide open is on the offset of the newer 14” rims.
    The offset concerns where the bolt face is positioned on the inside of the wheel rim; and this can be anywhere from the back of the rim, to the centre, to the outside.
    Important: Make sure the offset on the larger 14” rim fits the wheel-well with space to spare. If there is space behind the wheel, you might be able to find a rim which has an offset more towards the front of the rim, which will allow you more space between the tyre and the outer wheel arch for when you change a wheel.
    Please let us know how you get on, as this modification could be of benefit to many owners of an older caravan.

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