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CGEAR sand-free groundsheets

  • Andrie Alberts
    Andrie Alberts
    Andrie Alberts on

    Are there any dealerships for CGEAR sand-free groundsheets in Pretoria?

    Deon Jacobs
    Deon Jacobs
    Deon Jacobs on

    I doubt there is a reseller anywhere in the country. Importing from the USA is very expensive. The transport often comes to about 90% of the purchase price, in my experience.

    I see Amazon will deliver it for about that amount. Be aware that according to SARS regulations you may only import 2 items valued above R500 in any calendar year if you are not registered as an importer.

    You can register as an importer on their website. It costs nothing other than the the patience of a Saint.

    Amazon will take about 10 days to bring it to your door. They’re very reliable.

    Fyko van der Molen
    Fyko on

    I agree with that.

    A unit that costs $5,50 in the US lands in my hands for R185. I normally expect 100% increase, except that some carriers like UPS will have a minimum charge of R2000, but then they deliver within a few days – even on Sundays

    By contrast, many Chinese imports are free, delivery 3 weeks to 4 months. Nothing ever gets lost, but may take a long time if it comes through to SAPO.

    It would be very difficult for an SA reseller to beat the price that an Amazon could deliver for. Normal reseller discounts run to 40% of the retail price, but that would be for significant quantities, which would be difficult to offload in the local market, where everyone tries to find a cheaper way of doing something.

    If you’re buying single then units Amazon is generally the best option. Sometimes the stuff you want gets imported to the UK from the US, and with the transport from the UK potentially being cheaper (eg using Royal Mail) you can sometimes get a better price that way. UPS is also cheaper from the UK.

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