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Caravan windows, doors & skylights

  • Greg Pratt
    Greg Pratt
    Greg Pratt on

    Can anyone help here?……We are looking for a local manufacturer and/or distributor of  perspex/polycarbonate windows, doors and skylights for caravans similar to the Dometic range of products which include fly screens as well as sun shade blinds etc.

    Quintin Olivier
    Quiksilver on


    i think everyone knows Dometic, because they are the biggest supplier of caravan build accessories.

    i see that most of the caravans manufactured in SA are using their parts and services. in all honesty i think therefore that makes them the best.

    there is a company which specializes in caravan windows – but i think they only produce caravan windows for JurgensCI.

    so you might be able to get stock from them.

    otherwise you might get lucky with but i think they only manufacture the windows.

    but now that i mention it… i think Fiamma might have skylights and windows too if i recall correctly. best to speak to Dennis on 021 577 3863. he also works for Motor home world. ( really great guy and has been in the motorhome industry for donkeys years!)

    i’ve also seen caravan skylights for sale via takealot. funny enough. but these are dometic too i think.

    Kathy Lulu
    Kathy Lulu
    Kathy Lulu on

    Maybe at first, you should tell us where are you from? Then the others can give you the suggestion about the domestic supplier and manufacturer.

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