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Caravan windows cracking

  • JohnnyD
    JohnnyD on

    The windows on our caravan are cracking or splinter cracking around the catches. Is this a manufacturing defect or what can we do to stop this happening?

    ADMIN Kimberley
    ADMIN on

    Caravan and Outdoor Life’s group publisher, Godfrey Castle’s, response:
    It looks like this window has endured many days in the sun and so has become brittle with age. You mention “windows” – plural – so we presume it is happening to more than one window.

    They are manufactured from acrylic, a type of plastic, and so your letter raises the issue of caravan
    storage – your unit should be under cover and not in full sun, month after month.

    I am afraid your windows have reached a stage where you can’t do anything but replace them with
    new ones.

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